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Magnetic-bracelet. com Established in 1995 in Carlsbad CA 92011 we produce Magnetic Bracelets Magnetic Necklace Expansion Bracelets Magnetic Therapy Copper Bracelets Magnetic Titanium Bracelet Magnetic Necklace Hematite Bracelets Copper Bracelets

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"It sounds incredible and no one knows how it works-but thousands of suffering people swear by MAGNETS. For ex-copper Gordon Law, life was 30 years of agony after a villain stabbed him in the back. He tried everything medicine could offer but nothing worked-until he slipped a simple magnetic bracelet over his wrist. Gordon, 54, explained: "I was on the most extreme painkillers, heavy doses of morphine and methadone and I also went for unorthodox treatments like acupuncture. "I tried everything apart from witch doctors dancing over me to stop the pain-and I would have done that if I could have found a witch doctor!" It was a year before Gordon could return to desk duties after the brutal attack in Birmingham. At first surgeons told him he'd never even get out of bed because of his spinal injuries. He went on: "Then I was in a wheelchair and they told me I'd never get out of that either. But I did that too. "Now all I need is crutches. But ever since the stabbing I suffered from excruciating pain in my legs and back. "Sometimes it was so bad I punched and kicked the wall until my hands or feet were bloody, just to distract me. The pain was that bad. "Nothing helped and by the time a pal suggested using magnets a couple of years ago I was prepared to try anything. "To be honest, I was extremely cynical at first but I can tell you now it is nothing less than a miracle. "I feel as if the shackles have fallen away and I've been given a new lease of life. It is just absolutely amazing."  Fashionable Jewelry You Can Wear Anywhere! Magnets have been used in different cultures over the years by those who believe magnets worn on the body promote good health. One theory is that magnet therapy may be beneficial by affecting the circulation of the blood in the body. Increased circulation is beneficial because the body gets more of the nutrients from the blood.

Magnetic  Bracelet Deluxe Stainless Steel Bracelets.
Magnetic Bracelet Deluxe Stainless Steel Bracelets
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Magnetic Bracelet Expansion Bracelets 
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Magnetic Necklace Hematite
Magnetic  Necklace Hematite.
Magnetic Necklace Hematite  
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Magnetic Necklace Sport Deluxe
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Magnetic Necklace Chain Deluxe
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Magnetic Bracelets Necklaces Deluxe
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