Anatomical Models Manikins Skeleton Skull Spine Lumbar Knee Model Eye Model Hand Liver Kidney Cervical Gynecological  Catheterization Prostate. Manikins Skeleton Skull Spine Lumbar Knee Model Eye Model Catheterization Prostate. Skeleton Model Prostate. Spine Lumbar Knee Model Eye Model Gynecological Models Catheterization. Lumbar Kidney Cervical Catheterization. Skull Model. Dental X-Ray Simulator, Manikin, Dental Models Cervical Catheterization.

Anatomical Models, Acupuncture Needles, Magnetic Therapy,

Industrial Humidifiers Commercial Fogging Misting 

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Anatomical Models

Acupuncture Needles Moxa & Supply Products

Acupuncture Educational CDs

Acupressure Shoe Insoles

Acupuncture Acupunctoscope WQ-10D1

Acupuncture Charts

Acupuncture Models

Acupuncture Needles

Acupuncture Needle Cupping Sets

Air Cleaners,Purifiers

Air Ionizers - Smoke  Trap

Ankle Tape

Ankle Boot

Ankle/Heel Support


Body Muscle Building Toning EMS

Belt - Magnetic

Belt - Fashion And Sports

Beverage Mugs - Magnetic

Blood Pressure Normalizer

Birt Control Safe Sex Models

Body Magnets - Flexible

Body Massager

Body Plasters

Body Shaper

Body Wraps

Books On Magnetic Therapy

Brain Models

Bracelets Magnetic 15,000 Gauss

Bracelets Magnetic 3,000 Gauss

Bracelets Magnetic- 1,000 Gauss

Bracelets Magnetic Acupressure

Bracelets Copper Magnetic

Bracelets Magnetic Deluxe

Bracelets - Wrap Around

Breeze Easy Air Ionizer


CQ-27 TDP Lamps Mineral Infrared

Centrifugal Indrustrial Humidifiers Fog

Cervical Models

Capsole Fullers


Capsule Filling Machine

CD's - Educational Acupuncture

Charts Acupuncture

Chinese TDP Lamps Mineral Infrared CQ-27

Chinese Medicine Plasters

Clarus Products

Clog Shoes - Magnetic

Contraceptive Birt Control Safe Sex

Computer ErgoRest Ergonomic

Computer Mouse Vertical Ergonomic

Computer Keyboard Ergonomic

Cup - Water

Cupping Set - Magnetic

Cupping Set, Needle Cupping


Deluxe Ankle/Heel Supports

Deluxe Body Supports

Deluxe Bracelets

Deluxe Heel Support

Deluxe Knee Support

Deluxe Wrist Support

Dental Models


ElectroAcupuncture TENS Stimulation

Electronic Muscle Stimulation EMS Machines

Electric Space Heater

Ear Acupoint Model

Earrings - Magnetic

Educational Acupuncture CDs

Elbow tube

Electro Stimulating Devise

Electro Magnetic Field Resistance

EMF Products

EMF Sensor

EMS & TENS Stimulation

Energy Balancing

Equine Health Supplies

ErgoRest Computer Supplies

Ergonomic Keyboard Mouse Computer Supplies

Evergain Aerobic Exerciser

Eye Masks

Eye Mask Harmonizer


Fog Mist Humidifiers Industrial

"FATA POINT" Locator / Stimulator

Flexible Body Magnets

Foot   Acupoint Model

Foot Insoles

Foot Magnassage - 126

Foot Models

Foot Swing Machine

Foot Wraps


Grinders For Herbs

Ginseng With Royal Jelly

Ginseng - Red Panax

Golf Fashion Belts - Magnetic

Grooming Aids


Humidifiers Fog Mist Industrial

Heater Infrared Electric Space

Hair Brush - Magnetic

Hand Models

Hand Acupoint Model

Head Acupoint Model

Head Harmonizer Head Band

Healthcare Professional Supply

Herb Grinders

Herniated Disk Models

History of Magnetism<

Horse Blankets - summer and regular

Horse Hoof Wraps

Horse Jockey Health Supplies

Horse Leg Wraps

Horse Shin Wraps

Horse Feed Supplements Nutrition

Horse Rider Supplies

Horse Supply


Infrared TDP Lamps Mineral CQ-27

Infrared Sauna Portable

Infrared Electric Space Heater

Insoles - Magnetic & Acupressure

Infrared TDP Mineral Lamps

Ionizer - Personal Breeze  EZ

Ionic Toothbrush

Ionizer - Portable (Air  Supply)

Ionizer - Room VI 2000

Ionizer - Room VI 2500


Jockey Health Care

Joy Tool


Keyboards Computer Ergonomic

Kirlian Image Camera

Knee Models

Knee Supports

KWD 808 - Acupuncture Machines


Lamps Infrared CQ-27 TDP Mineral

Lamp - Hand Held Biospectrum (New Generation TDP)

Lamp - Wide Band Biospectrum, Multifrequency (New Generation)

Leather Shoe Insoles


Lumbar Sacrum Models


Mineral TDP Lamps Infrared CQ-27

Mist Fog Commercial Humidifiers

Muscle Building Toning EMS Machines

Magnassage For Feet MS - 126

Magnassage - 2H-60

Massage Table And Chair

Magnassage - 1H-32

Magnetic Head Caps

Magnetic Clog Shoes

Magnetic Horse Care Supplies

Magnetic Mattress Pads

Magnetic Necklaces

Mouse Keyboards Computer Ergonomic

Magnetic Pet Care Supplies

Magnetic Panties

Magnetic Mattress Pads

Magnetic Shoes

Magnetic Shoe Insoles

Magnetism Books

Masks - Beauty & Health

Massager - Body

Mattress Pads

Models Anatomical

Multipurpose ElectroAcupuncture Tens Machine


Neck Traction "Neckease" Exercise

Necklaces - Silver

Necklaces - Gold

Necklaces - Pearl

Necklaces - Super Deluxe

Necklaces - Ferrite Ceramic

News About Magnetism




Pill Making Machine

Portable Sauna Infrared

Plasters Tiger Balm Hot

Panax Ginseng

Panties - Magnetic Support

Pendants - Magnetic

Pendants - EMF

Pet Care Supplies


Pillow - Magnetic

Plasters & Patches

Polarity Harmonizer

Polarity Screens

Power Blocks - Magnetic

Power Pad - Magnetic

Prostate Heating Apparatus(Thermo Magnetic)

Prostate Electro Magnetic Apparatus

Professional Aids


Qlink Electro Magnetic Field Resistance Products

Qdex Acupuncture Charts Desk Top


Real-Ease Neck & Shoulder Relaxer

Royal Jelly Ginseng

Reflexology Shoe Insoles


Sauna Infrared Portable

Safe Sex Birt Control Models

Salt Lamps Speleotherapy

Seat - Magnetic   (Full)

Shoes - Magnetic

Shoe Insoles - Magnetic

Shoulder Models

Shoulder Support

Shower Filter

Skeleton Models

Skull Models

Smooth Insoles

Soap - Magnetic

Spine Models


Spot Magnets - Flexible


Supports - Back Belts - Magnetic

Supports - Knee, Elbow, & Ankle - Magnetic

Support Panties - Magnetic


TDP Lamps Mineral Infrared CQ-27

TENS Units

Tiger Balm Hot Plasters

Toothbrush - Magnetic

Toothbrush - Ionic

Training Birt Control Safe Sex Models

Trigger Point Shoe Insoles

Trackball Mouse Computer Ergonomic




Veterinarian Supplies


Water Bottle - Portable

Water Ionizer by Masterpiece

Water Magnetizing Cups

Water Pencil Stirrer - Magnetic

Water Pipe Magnets

Water Shower Filter





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